Five Minutes to Know Longchamp

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Longchamp is a classic French luxury brand that is famous for its simple design handbags. It is a 60-year-old brand that remains family-owned management. Longchamp describes itself on its intagram page as a world leader in leather goods that bring together craftsmanship, creativity & French elegance.

I quite like this brand, and have some of its products, because I think the products of this brand are not so conspicuous like the ones from Louis Vuitton or Gucci. And the price is more approachable. The design is not very trendy but surely will not be out of date in short period of time.

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Among all the products, the “Le Pliage” series are the most popular ones, and they are my favorite collections. “Le Pliage” means “folding” in French. This kind of bags can be folded after using, so that they won’t take up too much space. The foldable bags are made of canvas and leather trim. They are light in weight, simple in design, but very classic and popular.

The history of this leather goods luxury brand is quite interesting, because Longchamp’s founder, Jean Cassegrain, at the beginning owned a tabacco shop. Then he made some money by selling leather coverings for pipes and cigarette cases. He grasped the opportunity and opened a store to sell no tabacco but only leather goods. Then Longchamp was born.

      The price of Longchamp’s products is comparatively less expensive. For example, a Le Pliage bag will cost $100 to $200, based on the size of bags. Maybe that is because the bags are no

照片 14-3-6 15 53 19副本       In recent years, Longchamp has broadened its products lines to provide various kinds of leather goods for not only women, but men. They also offer small leather goods, shoes, accessories, scarves, umbrellas and some ready-to-wears. The brand now has more than 236 boutiques and a total of more than 1,800 stores in the world.t completely made of leather, but a mix of leather and canvas. This kind of pricing makes Longchamp a very unique choice for shoppers. They are not very expensive, but stylish and classic. Their lightweights can be a very good advantage for travel bags. So the target audiences of Longchamp are workingwomen, women who always travel, and a part of school girls.




  1. Hi, Fiouna,

    I really like your site! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and love all of the pictures. It really inspires me to be more fashionable. I also read your “About the Blog” section, and I think you’re right in that sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up with the current trends in fashion. More importantly, it’s hard to keep up with the price tag! I like that you’ve written about some of your favorite luxury brands and the items that are more within the price-range for young women. I have never heard of Longchamp, but I really want one of those bags now! I look forward to reading more of your tips.


  2. I’m so glad you can benefit from things you love. You are so passionate about fashion. The blog shows you not only talk about fashion, but also tend to attribute yourself into it. Lots of evidences proved that, like that you took picture by yourself and you were familiar with brands’ series, design, and collections. In your pictures, you look like a model. You are indeed a model, but more than a model. Models are persons who become fashion tools using by the industry. However, you take advantage of the thing you love, and are using fashion as a tool for personal branding.

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