Five minutes to know Burberry

BBurberryurberry is a word that you cannot avoid if you want to talk about English luxury brands. It is one of the most famous, popular and historical luxury brands in the world, with outwear as its core. Talking about this 156 years old brand, some words automatically show up in my mind: elegant, noble and classic.

Burberry ScarfThe most popular products in this brand are its wool scarves and trench coats. They are in dominant place in their respective market. There even is a website designed for trench coats owners to share pictures of how they style in different trench coats: Art of the Trench. It’s like a narrowed social websites only for trench coats owners.

Although Burberry is one of the oldest luxury brands in fashion industry, it is really dynamic in using social media to attract young people’s attention. It has account in almost every major online social platform, and those accounts are all well maintained. A info graphic can show what a nice job Burberry has done on different platforms

Burberry has lots of innovation on its digital engagement. The S/S13 main campaign brought lots of awareness through social and traditional media. The video of S/S13 launched by Burberry have got more than 1.7 million views on YouTube! Burberry also does a good job on Twitter and Chinese Weibo to offer fashion news and styling advice. The womenswear A/W13 show was streamed live on Twitter for the first time, allowing followers to embed the show stream in personal websites. So you can imagine how much attention Burberry has brought to itself during the fashion show. Burberry finished the year as the most followed luxury brand on Facebook, with nearly 15 million fans.



  1. As a Fashion Merchandising major I really enjoyed reading your blog! I like how you kept the posts to five minutes and still gave a lot of important and interesting facts about the brand. The video and links to other websites made the post really enjoyable.

  2. Great post Fiouna.

    I really like hearing about how heritage brands are embracing social media and utilizing it to engage their publics. I’m not a fashion expert, but the short Burberyy video you included in your post really helped me understand the Burberry brand. The organization of your previous posts also helped me learn the most pertinent details of these popular luxury brands.

    Thanks again for a great post!

  3. Based on your infographic, it looks as if Burberry is doing well on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I guess I want to learn more about the ranking factors. Is this in terms of engagement or is simply looking at size of network? Curious if the video you’ve included here helped Burberry gain more success on YouTube.

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