The use of social media in luxury brands

Social media now is an indispensable part of people’s life. Nearly every brand has stepped into social media for marketing and public relations. It is not uncommon to find that luxury brands also take a great use of social media to reach their targeted audience. It doesn’t mean that people will spend hundreds of dollars to buy a designed product only because they read something from its Facebook page. It means luxury brands are getting involved in people’s conversations through social media. The next question is which one is best for luxury brands, considering numerous social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Foursquare, Weibo…


Sarah Mahoney argues that Instagram is the best place for luxury brands because it has the highest engagement from the audience. In her report, she says that a survey of 249 luxury brands finds that 93% are currently on Instagram, up from 63% in July of last year. And while it is just one-tenth the size of Facebook (which acquired it back in 2012), it has 15 times the level of user engagement that Facebook does. And Pinterest, about a third of Instagram’s size, has only about a third of the level of engagement that Instagram users do.


Then what do these brands do on Instagram and other social media? Giving discounts? Offering give-aways? There are a lot more things that could be done. According to Dioni L. Wise, researchers from the University of Buffalo’s Department of Communications describe the three main functions of using social media for nonprofits as (1) information, (2) community and (3) action. The same goes for luxury brands.


Michael Kors has more than 2m followers on Instagram. It constantly post information about the products, the brand and matching advices. These posts not only build a good relationship between the brand and audience, but also are useful in encouraging people to purchase its products. The average number of likes for each post is 50k. That means more than 50k people know about what MK promotes and MK pays nothing for it!


Social media is an excellent PR method for luxury brands! Share with me your thoughts about it in your comments!







  1. I believe it is a shame for any brand/corporation that still not aware the importance of social media connection with their audiences. I’m happy for you to find the right platform to share your interest, and more importantly build your own personal brand. I believe your Instagram would attract more people and you’ll become one of the most famous fashion blogger!

    One question: luxury brands owns less target audiences than low-priced brands, how can they distinguish their consumer groups in social media and set specific public relations campaigns for them?

  2. I think that luxury brands can get a lot out of building communities via social media. Fans of brands like to see their comments responded to or their posts re-posted, just as much as they do with celebrities. For many, celebrities and fashion are one and the same! One campaign I really liked was Coach’s Instagram campaign, #CoachFromAbove. The company encouraged fans and consumers to take photos on IG of their Coach shoes in a trendy way. Some of these posts were regrammed by Coach, increasing dialogue between the company and fans; increasing fans for the regrammed user; and making many users participate in the campaign in hopes of being featured. Something like this is so fun (and it’s something so many of us already do!), that even if Coach doesn’t regram a photo of your really fabulous shoes, you don’t really mind so much.

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